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Thread: Want intell work in Canada see YouTube

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    Default Want intell work in Canada see YouTube

    Thanks to a "lurker" for the hat tip:
    The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has released a series of recruitment videos onto YouTube, videos that feature testimonials from real-life spies. The clips were posted last week, but released without any publicity. To date, the YouTube videos have drawn only a few hundred viewers apiece. In the clips, each of which lasts a minute or two, CSIS intelligence officers are shown striding purposefully to urgent (but fictional) assignments, as orchestral music plays and time-lapse video speeds up street scenes.
    Remember "Careless talk costs lives"? Not for CSIS!:
    ...the clips do not feature actors. Used instead are real-life CSIS employees, who identity themselves by first name only, and who may or may not really do the jobs they are portrayed as doing.
    Link to article, which has a short accompanying note and a "sting" at the end:

    The film clips: Andrea the Surveillant:

    Allison the Recruiter:

    Shelly the IT Pro:

    Theresa the duty officer:
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    Patrick the Screener:
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