A year or two ago some dude on the internet decided to invite others to help him make a list of 100 items.
He wanted to kind of return to simplicity and thus wanted to reduce his possessions to 100 items, underwear not counted.

He got lots of suggestions for what's really necessary.

I personally am tired of threads discussing the perpetual problem of soldier overload.
Let's do a different one for a change.

Let's equip a rifleman (85 kg body weight) for a fight that might involve fighting in woods and villages (opposition by small arms, hand grenades, man-portable AT weapons and mortars expected). Moderate climate, spring, probability or rain is 30% per day.
He is supposed to carry 5 kg of hardware for others (ammo, batteries or whatever - I know 5 kg is not much).

His carried weight (including the 5 kg and clothes!) should not exceed 30% of his body weight for good enough agility and endurance. That's 25.5 kg or 56.1 lbs.

Must-have items, for an easier start:

(1) jacket and clothes behind
(2) trouser and clothes behind
(3) boots and socks
(4) carbine/rifle with iron sights, accessories are up for debate
(5) Minimum magazine capacity (loaded) 60 rds. More is up for debate.
(6) emergency ration one day (may be a simple chocolate bar, of course)
(7) filled small canteen
(8) individual bandages for own consumption
(9) dog tags
(10) some means to open emergency ration (small pocket knife, for example)
(11) a single hand grenade (may be a small defensive one)
(12) (5 kg for others, including the necessary containers)

Let the games begin.
I suppose a specific discussion and probably a search for more lightweight equipment alternatives might actually yield some insight, for a change. Maybe someone from one of the ubiquitous "tactical" equipment suppliers suggests something as well.