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Thread: We need less Chemo and Surgery and more "Voom."

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    Default wm:

    This one is simply not correct - cuz of inclusion of "within":

    Certainly, because one cannot wage war within/against one's own country. How odd does this sound? "Today the President of the United States requested that the Senate ratify his declaration of war against his own country."
    assigning a notional meaning of "engage in an armed conflict" to "wage war" - since some here apparently see "war" as a much more violent conflict than a "fight".

    E.g., the US Civil War (part of much larger sequence of military struggles and political struggles from before the Revoution to the present - a much too huge topic to discuss here).



    PS: After reviewing the above as posted, a problem still exists if we delete "within" - as amended to basic proposition:

    ... one cannot wage war against one's own country ...
    I'd include MAJ Nadal (whom The Bear and I are discussing) and al-Awlaki as eamples of "ones" who have waged war against their country.

    I think this even more limited proposition works:

    ... a state cannot wage war against itself ...
    Yup, I've been lightly skimming the bloody Austrian (he-he).
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