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Thread: It's A Salafi - Jihadist Insurgency, Stupid

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    Default It's A Salafi - Jihadist Insurgency, Stupid

    The London-based counter-extremism think tank The Quilliam Foundation have today issued this policy briefing, ‘It’s A Salafi-Jihadist Insurgency, Stupid’:

    Their e-circulation states it:
    sheds light on this developing situation by revealing exclusive insights into AQIM and its allies, and providing key strategic recommendations for achieving operational success in countering their Salafi-Jihadist insurgency.
    One of the authors is Quilliam's President Noman Benotman, a Libyan national and ex-LIFG member. There is an oddly worded Wiki bio:

    Whilst I may disagree with their analysis on the threat from Mali / Sahel to the UK, I have none with this introductory passage to their recommended strategy:
    ..the reaction to the conflict in Mali requires an overhaul; one in which the aims and strategy of the intervention can be redefined so that they clearly set out to disable and dismantle AQIM and its allies. Such a comprehensive counter-Salafi-Jihadist insurgency strategy must be developed now in order to prevent a prolonged war between Islamist groups in Mali and the ‘other’; a war which would reinforce the concept of al-Sira’, or ideological struggle.
    1. Get to know your enemies like you know yourself
    2. Overcome the major challenges
    3. Know how to measure success
    4. Ideology vs. Ideology
    5. Determination
    6. The Deadly Fault Lines
    7. Belmokhtar – the useful enemy
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