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I think we get overly focused on missile capabilities due to our tendency to apply mirror analysis and assume our adversaries seek to fight the way we do. Even after the non-traditional attack on our homeland on 9/11 the military-industrial complex as shown little real progress in addressing increasingly dangerous non-conventional threats.

However, that doesn't mean we should ignore missile technology, it may or may not be a red herring in this case, but it still bears watching as these two articles point out. At the end of the day, our adversaries have nuclear weapons, and they can be utilized in various ways to achieve their ends to include with and without missiles.
Nothing was said about *just* a missile attack. Depending on who is involved and what their perceived victory conditions are, an attack might involve 1) missile(s) + 2) hacking +3) terror attacks on select targets + 4) infrastructure attacks (see California power grid) and whatever chaos is caused from that equation might be more about hamstringing a US response to a changing situation somewhere else on this globe.