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Thread: What Are You Currently Reading? 2008

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    Finished Bellavia's House to House a few weeks ago, and I've been pecking away at Bing West's The Strongest Tribe, and going back to check my notes in Fiasco for my research.

    My best friend graduates from law school this May and is going straight into a six-figure litigation job, so for Christmas I'm getting him a copy of Happy Hour Is for Amateurs: A Lost Decade in the World's Worst Profession. I'm going to give it a quick read before I wrap it up, just because what I've read so far looks absolutely hilarious.
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    Just finished "Stilwell and the American Experience in China", by Barbara Tuchman;"From Muskets to Missiles: Politics and Professionalism in the Chinese Army" - 1945-1981, by Harlan Jenks; "The Geography of Thought" by Richard Nisbett; and "A Military History of China" by David Graff and Robin Higham. All related to one of my grad school classes.

    I have 500 word reviews of Tuchman and Jenks' works if anyone is interested. Geography of thought was a very interesting book about scientific studies proving easterners and westerners approach problems from different angles based on societal upbringing.
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    Default When you need a break...

    The Officers' Wives.

    Don't laugh. Yes, the sex is lame by 21st century standards, and the book does involve some controversial issues: West Point, marital infidelity, etc.

    What I enjoyed was how Fleming attempted to capture the the Nagl-Gentile split as it emerged during the live fire exercises in Korea and Vietnam.

    Afterward you can go back to reading The Peloponesian Wars in the original Greek.

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    Afterward you can go back to reading The Peloponesian Wars in the original Greek.
    how lame is that sex?

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    Default What Are You Currently Reading? 2008

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    New thread created to enable easier searching, so now split into years, started with 2007.

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