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Thread: 300 tons gold sold Friday

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    Default 300 tons gold sold Friday

    AM today on BBC radio was an item on the fall in the gold price. I was stunned when one expert added three hundred tonnes of gold had entered the market on Friday, the twelfth largest holding.

    The BBC earlier ran this article, which pre-dates the sale:

    Anyone have a clue what is going on?

    I am aware that Germany wants some of its gold returned from France and the USA; this seems to be unrelated.
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    The speculators realise their gains of the last years, exploiting that enough people were stupid enough to believe in post-apocalyptic BS and considered gold as a currency for after collapse instead of as a traded scarce commodity.
    Those fools were bound to be caught like this, I told it to some years ago.

    Besides; the real currency after an economic breakdown has never been gold. Cigarettes are a much more realistic post-breakdown currency.

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