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Thread: GCHQ on Cyber Security

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    Default GCHQ on Cyber Security

    Sir Iain Lobban, Director GCHQ, contributed an article entitled "Countering the cyber threat to business" for the Spring 2013 edition of the Institute of Directors Big Picture policy journal.

    In the article, Director describes the nature and scale of the threat to businesses from cyberspace, why cyber security should be at the top of boards' agendas and the role GCHQ is playing in helping counter the threats.

    The article acts as a foreword to some practical steps on how business leaders and boards can make their organisations safer from cyber attacks.
    From the GCHQ press release, which has a link to the 4.9 Mb article (size is due to artwork, colour etc and is only sixteen pages)

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    Slight update, as it's been years. They moved the pdf here

    Also one of the two referenced URL items at the end of the PDF under "Further Resources" have also moved / been updated to this (as of this posting), to;

    Re-Launch of '10 Steps to Cyber-Security' dated 16 Jan 2015

    the other link, The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, is still the same (yay!)
    It's reference to specific on the "Critical Controls", however can be found here (as of this posting)

    Benevolent wishes to everyone's 2015
    - blath

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    Default GCHQ admits it is losing the cyber-security battle

    Speaking at a trade event Alex Dewedney, director of cyber security at CESG :
    I think the best way to sum up the challenge we face is that while weve done a lot over the past five years and spent quite a lot of money as a Government, particularly in those years of austerity weve been through, the bottom line is it hasnt worked....I think we would be losing a lot more if we hadnt done all the things weve done over the past five years.
    So, dont get me wrong. All of that has been worthwhile but theres been something of a mantra in the UK that the solution to all of our problems is information sharing and public/private partnerships - that if we keep doing that then somehow it will magically cause improvement to happen.
    That approach by itself is not sufficient.

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