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Thread: SEAL Team 6 Member Becomes .......A Girl!

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    Default SEAL Team 6 Member Becomes .......A Girl!

    CNN interview of former SEAL Team 6 member Kris now they say ya just caint make this stuff up....well at least he/she likes dogs.

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    You go girl! When this dude, er, chick says no, she means no. Look out guys she will mess you up.

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    iirc, their was a story a couple years ago in the WaPo about a retired Army SOF officer who became a woman as well.
    “[S]omething in his tone now reminded her of his explanations of asymmetric warfare, a topic in which he had a keen and abiding interest. She remembered him telling her how terrorism was almost exclusively about branding, but only slightly less so about the psychology of lotteries…” - Zero History, William Gibson

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