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Thread: Threats Watch - Now Online

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    Default Threats Watch - Now Online

    Threats Watch - check it out.

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    Default Threat Open Source Intelligence Gateway

    I also wanter to give a plug for the Threat Open Source Intelligence Gateway (TOSIG/ URL: This is an excellent website (free to government & Military) that mines open sources for various threat warning products to include

    Warning Intelligence on the Internet Review (WIIR): Every other week with excerpts of global threat articles, including terrorism.

    Region and Country Watch List (RCWL): Prioritized list, updated monthly, of nations of strategic warning concern.

    Strategic Warning Issues Report (SWIR): Quarterly overview on longer term global threats.

    Terrorism Open Source Intelligence Report (TOSIR): Weekly with excerpts of articles from newspapers and magazines.

    Terrorism Literature Report (TLR): At least monthly overviews from journals, books, research, conferences, and websites.

    There are several new products as well. An excellent source and resource for any serious researcher.

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