This digital Journal has been around for a few years, figured it might be of general interest. Note that back issues are available at the URL below.

Dear readers,

I am please to announce that a new issue (Volume 2, Number 11) of KPA Journal is now available ( to download. Volume 2, Number 12 is in the final stages of being assembled and should be out by mid-September. Following that, I intend to begin publication of Volume 3 (2013). With Volume 3 KPA Journal will receive a design makeover and temporarily switch to a quarterly or biannual publication schedule. In either case the journal will become substantially longer.

Articles appearing in Vol. 2, No. 11 include,

KPA Antennas (I)
Jong Kyong Hui (Chŏng Kyŏng-hŭi)
A North Korean Nuclear Defectorís Own Words
KPA 17th Tank Brigade, 1950-1952, Part IV
Editorís Notes and Endnotes

A comprehensive index of all articles published in KPA Journal is available at,

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Best regards,

Joseph S. Bermudez Jr.
Publisher and Editor, KPA Journal