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Thread: Inspirational Small Wars Quotes/Images

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    Default Inspirational Small Wars Quotes/Images

    Some long over due spring cleaning will occur soon, and we'll brighten up some of the site.

    This thread is specifically for input on one thing -- the leader small wars quote at the top of our home page. The page element is set up so that we can serve a rotating quote from a list of good ones; right now, it's a list of 1.

    Please put forward suggestions here in this thread on other content for that box. Quote, image, or both. It needs to meet a few criteria:

    • Be relevant and meaningful
    • Be brief
    • Address one of the broader, enduring, foundational issues of small wars, not an esoteric or situational element (there will be room for some of those elsewhere).

    I will drop off this thread for a week or two, and then will scour it for stuff to implement when I come back up.


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    How about portions or the whole letters that Trao and Ho Chi wrote to Sgt White's family when he went home as related in West's The Village.

    Maybe this paragraph.

    "About 3 months ago my village was having trouble with Viet Cong and Sgt. J. D. White and Sq help protect my people and land. I want to thank him very much for helping have peace in my village."


    "Sgt. White and Sq. work to hard at this duty station. They work very hard never look tired."
    "We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again." Gen. Nathanael Greene

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