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Thanks, I'm happy to have found this (quite late in the game, given my line of work, so the lick's on me).

WRA is our largest donor, bar none. The head of the office is my former immediate supervisor at VVAF/VFA, and the HMA community is a small one, so everyone knows everyone.

Where are you, by the way? We might have some folks nearby your location.

What needs to happen with this project? I think you'll find that the UN agencies are more involved in coordinating and usually use NGO implementing partners to get things done. However, if you e-mail me what you need from UNICEF, or more generally what your trying to accomplish and what resources you're trying to obtain, I'll share what I know.



I'm in Estonia. I've known Dennis H. for years and USMC COL Stu is, or already has retired. Marcus is now doing our program management. They came by this year (a tad early as it was friggin' cold), and things went extremely well.

I want to sell a MRE campaign to UNICEF - target audience 7 to 15. I know I can bug the folks at EUCOM (Stu C. is no longer there, but he has always helped out and promised to do so again, and his staff there know me from my RONCO days).

My beef was/is with UNICEF. They could've at least sent me hate mail with a big fat NO. The contact info I received was from EUCOM. I doubt I got the wrong person at UNICEF. Maybe I asked for too little ?

I wanted them to come in and tell me what they do. I can and already do preach at schools - nothing new there.

Regards, Stan