This year marks the 350th anniversary of the Royal Marines, formed in 1755 as the marine infantry for the Royal Navy. During those three and a half centuries its brave members have seen action in the two world wars, in Afghanistan, the Falklands, Crimea and the Napoleonic Wars. Today it numbers less than 9,000 servicemen, yet it continues to make a huge contribution to Britain's military credibility.

Mark Time, author of ‘Going Commando’ and himself a former Royal Marines Commando, shares ten entertaining facts about life in this most elite of institutions.
Amidst those ten things:
You will become an aficionado of fancy dress

A Royal Marine’s locker is the chipboard gateway to his soul. It smells of aftershave, shaving foam and toothpaste. As sure it will contain a green beret, it will also be home to Lycra dresses, tutus, togas, superhero capes, and in my case a pantomime camel costume. "Silly rig" - fancy dress - is as much engrained into corps culture as the 28th October anniversary date.

Must be a good week, some of the comments are worth reading, even if they are stories.