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Thread: Opportunity or threat: two questions about AQ

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    Default Opportunity or threat: two questions about AQ

    Clints Watts (SWC CWOT) presents two very different questions, which IMHO appear inter-related: Would Jihad's new generation kill off AQ's global leader Ayman al-Zawahari and is this when AQ will strike hard?

    Link and well worth reading it all:

    His FPRI article ends:
    As a concluding note, I would also put forth that today, more than any time in the past couple years, I believe the West is vulnerable for an al-Qaeda Central directed plot. Al-Qaeda:
    • Needs a spectacular attack to reassert its global authority as top dog
    • Could benefit from how an attack would divert attention from its killing of dissenters (ISIS)
    • Might like to distinguish its targeting focus on the far enemy as opposed to sectarian issues; and
    • The U.S. hasn’t been this distracted (due to Snowden, Russia-Ukraine, Iran, Syria, etc.) with regards to counterterrorism since 9/11.
    Since AQ's No.2 leader is the AQAP leader Nasir Wuhayshi, it makes this weekend's action in Yemen rather interesting. Details on the Yemen thread:
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