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Thread: Foreign Fighters: preventative action (UK mainly)

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    Default Foreign Fighters: preventative action (UK mainly)

    Moderators Note: Title changed today from 'May 1940 Dad's Army, April 2014 Mum's Army' to 'Foreign Fighters: preventative action (UK mainly)' (ends).

    There is a long running thread on UK CT, but today CT took a new twist. Which is neatly labelled 'safeguarding'.

    Historical passage to explain the title. Following our defeat in France in May 1940 a volunteer local defence force was created, popularly known after a BBC comedy series as 'Dad's Army'.

    One headline 'Syria crisis: stop your sons joining war, urges Met police' from The Guardian:

    On the BBC the senior UK CT police officer was interviewed, along with a critic, Keith Vaz MP (6 mins):

    From one report her comments:
    We want to ensure that people, particularly women, who are concerned about their loved ones are given enough information about what they can do to prevent this from happening. We want to increase their confidence in the police and partners to encourage them to come forward so that we can intervene and help. This is not about criminalising people. It is about preventing tragedies.
    Keith Vaz, whose Select Committee is looking at CT:
    There is no evidence that families know. Young people are just leaving without telling families and their families are the last to know...The evidence we received is that the police don't know how to stop this.
    A view from the "grass roots" by a respected youth worker in Birmingham:
    Atif Iqbal, of the United Birmingham campaign, who travelled to Syria to deliver food, said clarity was needed about how people could provide humanitarian help while staying within the law. "What is the legal framework – that is what we need some clarity on. It's very ambiguous, the goalposts keep changing,"...
    The Daily Telegraph has a similar story:

    The Quilliam Foundation is supportive, but calls for more efforts:

    How will Muslim mothers react? That is to the say the least very unclear. The media often rely on very little known women to speak, so the BBC has one who is critical:
    ..there was so much mistrust of the police in her community that many people would be too afraid to report friends and family to authorities.
    Link to short video clip:
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