As author of Defeating Political Islam: The New Cold War, I have spent over 15 years thinking about the threat Pakistan poses to itself and the larger world. Admittedly, being originally from India, I was initially more worried about Pakistan's ability to harm India.

When I wrote my book in 2008-2009 I knew that the US will comprehensively fail to tame Pakistan and that it will also fail to counter the larger threat of violent Muslim radicalism.

This is not the space to go into why US failed etc. However, in my 2009 book, I did specifically call for the West to support Narendra Modi, in part because he can, at least in principle, lead an effort to tame Pakistan. I had explained why and how India can be leveraged to neutralize religious barbarism.

Now an opportunity is being presented with Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister-elect.

However, expectedly, American establishment, given the track record, is viewing the emergence of Modi as a threat rather than an opportunity.

This alone tellingly informs us how poorly placed America is in advancing its strategic interests, and further confirms its status as a declining civilization, not withstanding its leadership in science and technology (for now).

As an American citizen, I am doing what I can to slow down this decline, by initiating a discussion that can lead to a paradigm shift in the way we view, for instance, the emergence of the likes of Narendra Modi of India.