Gregory Johnsen, a Yemeni SME, explains:
The Benghazi That Wasn’t: How One Man Saved The American Embassy In Yemen (sub-titled) In September 2008, seven militants in Sanaa killed themselves and 12 others in the deadliest assault ona US Embassy in a decade. And if not for an unlikely hero, things would have been unimaginably worse.

A short postcript on the hero:
Mukhtar al-Faqih was posthumously awarded the Department of State’s Thomas Jefferson Star for Foreign Service for sacrificing his life and giving “the last full measure of devotion to his colleagues and friends.” The U.S. Embassy hired his younger brother Muhammad to replace him as a security guard. It has denied the fourth and youngest brother, Walid, a visa to travel to the U.S.
I don't recall if the historical Yemen thread has posts on this 2008 attack, needless to say Benghazi was very different.