In reviewing the public record within the context of an entirely different research topic, one was reminded of the glowing assessments that were propounded regarding the capability of the Iraqi armed forces.

Specifically, from Denis McDonough:

"One, every study assessment that we’ve sought in the course of the last several months comes back with the same conclusion: These guys are very capable against the threats that are most present, more pertinent to them."
"I think, importantly, they’ve worked together over the course of these last several years, not only trained together but also deployed -- partnered together very robustly. And I think as we’ve done this -- and Tony can attest to this as well -- as we’ve done very intensively, frankly, over the course of the last seven or eight months a full review of where we stand with the Iraqis, one assessment after another about the Iraqi security forces came back saying these guys are ready, these guys are capable, these guys are proven. Importantly, they’re proven because they’ve been tested in a lot of the kinds of threats that they’re going to see going forward, so we feel very good about that."
Recent history, in rather short order, as time frames for such things go, has proven these assessments to be incompetent at best. The security forces were certainly capable of something and have certainly proven something but neither are glowing (or insert positive term of choice) in regards to the 'threats that are most present, more pertinent to them.'

The first question that comes to mind is who drafted these assessments and where can they found. One would love to see these assessments in their original written form. Any leads on the source of such assessments would be greatly appreciated.