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Thread: Rhodesian COIN (consolidated thread, inc original RLI)

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    Default Rhodesian COIN (consolidated thread, inc original RLI)

    Moderator's Note

    I have consolidated four RFI threads into this:All matters Rhodesian / Rhodesia (merged thread)

    A lot of information sits in the main thread: Rhodesian COIN (consolidated thread, inc original RLI) and the recently published book: Africa's Commandos - new book on the RLI (Now in Historians arena).

    As the war in Rhodesia was within a region wracked by conflict it is worth checking another thread: South Africa's COIN war in SWA/Namibia/Angola and COIN in Africa: The Portuguese Way of War, 1961–1974 (Now in Historians arena).

    A debate over the Rhodesian tactic 'Fireforce' is found in the Afghan context: Moving the Rhod. Fire Force concept to Afghanistan?

    A general search finds Rhodesia / Rhodesian appears in over a hundred threads, often in book lists for example. (Ends).

    H/T to Erik who sent in a link to this online book - Counterinsurgency in Rhodesia (link no longer works) by J. K. Cilliers. The book was written in 1985; here are the chapters:

    • Brief History of the War for Zimbabwe 1890 - 1979
    • Command and Control
    • Protected and Consolidated Villages
    • Border Minefield Obstacles
    • Psuedo Operations and the Selous Scouts
    • Internal Defence and Development
    • External Operations
    • Operation Favour: Security Force Auxiliaries
    • Intelligence
    • The Security Situation by Late 1979
    • Conclusion

    Was a separate thread and merged today
    Last edited by davidbfpo; 07-03-2017 at 12:40 PM. Reason: Mods note added. Link update in brackets).

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