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Thread: Ukraine: military (Aug '14 to mid-June '15) closed

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    Default Ukraine: military (Aug '14 to mid-June '15) closed

    Moderator's Note

    I have decided to:

    1. Close the existing main Ukraine (catch all) thread (1991 replies and 99k views) and move all August posts to here
    2. Create two threads for current matters
    3. First the fighting and military aspects - this thread
    4. Secondly the wider non-military context (diplomacy, politicis, economics etc)
    5. The Russian Info Ops thread is now in the Europe arena (ends)

    Quote Originally Posted by AmericanPride View Post
    So - duplicity is a trait of a rogue state?
    AP---this is a good read as a beginning learner for you--even some inside Russia state close to what I am saying and I am not even Russian.
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