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    Default Looking For A PDF Copy Of

    "The End Of Innocence:Rethinking Noncombatancy In The Post Kosovo Era" by Colonel Charles J. Dunlap. He retired as a Major General from the USAF in 2012 I think. Thanks in advance!
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    Strategic Review, Summer 2000: The End of Innocence: Rethinking Non-Combatancy in the Post-Kosovo Era
    The protection of civilians and their property in war is an accepted norm of international law - even where the putatively "noncombatant" populace openly supports the immoral use of force by its military. NATO's Kosovo operation suggests, however, that the imposition of hardship on the sentient, adult "noncombatant" population through property loss can erode a society's appetite for malevolence. While civilians should not be targeted, a new paradigm for noncombatancy that allows the destruction of certain property currently protected by international law but not absolutely indispensable to civilian survival may well help shorten conflict and effect necessary societal change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedburgh View Post
    Thank You for finding this article.
    I ended up contacting General Dunlap personally (he is retired and now and a Law professor at Duke) and his assistant sent me a copy as I intended to start a thread on how we need to change our Targeting or we are never going to Win the Global War against Radical Ideological Terrorist Groups.

    Alas some people here are continously trying to say I said things and that I mean things that I have never said or meant to where a discussion of alternative Targets,Techniques and Methods is no longer possible.

    So the best I can do is encourage everyone to read General Dunlap's ( he was a JAG officer)to see that what I have been suggesting is completely legal.

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