Last month two SWC members attended a two day conference 'Terrorism Research: Past, Present and Future' @ St. Andrews University, Scotland, marking the 20th anniversary of CSTPV, with a galaxy of speakers.

What is CSTPV? It is the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, with Professor Richard English as its Director. Their website:

Amongst the speakers were: Professors Robert Pape, Bruce Hoffman, John Mueller, Sir Adam Roberts and Martha Crenshaw. Plus Sir David Veness, an ex-Met cop and UN director on CT.

Available now are the audio recordings of all six sessions:

Sir Adam Roberts made a telling observation on the parallels between 1914 and 2014, over how Austria-Hungary delivered an ultimatum to Serbia in July 1914, after the act of terrorism @ Sarajevo and described its declaration of war 'an anti-terrorism operation'. His full speech on this and more was given in Sarajevo and is on:

The conference programme:

We did see the famous golf course and took in some local hospitality.