Hope I am posting this in the right place.

I recently went to an recruitment centre (I'm British btw) deciding that as I am coming up to 27 (feel so old) it's my last chance to give the army a go, I did go two years ago but decided against it.

After meeting with a Brigadier and having a talk he was willing to sponsor me to go to the board even if the regiment that I am going to visit don't (Hopefully they will). Looking to go for an Educational and Training Services Officer post

I am really looking for any general tips for the ASOB briefing on how to prepare or things to watch out for. I must also add that I am mathematically dyslexic so not looking forward to the planning exercise.

I am physically quite fit at the moment, gym three times a week, cycle six miles a day and I'm planning on running the days I am not at the gym, I was a politics student (BA Politics and MA Political Science), so again the current affairs side of things should be ok, not really had much experience of leadership and as said my maths is rubbish.

Please feel free to chime in with any help, the information doesn't have to specifically come from a British poster, advice from whatever nationality you are would be greatly appreciated.