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Thread: Wake Up: counter-radicalisation

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    Default Wake Up: counter-radicalisation

    A BBC News interview of a grassroots community activist, Jahan Mahmood, from Birmingham (UK), on countering the Islamist message; which is not always helped by the BBC's coverage and officialdom's stance:

    The interview (under 5 mins) was in June 2014, following the BBC broadcasting an ISIS recruitment video throughout the day. The last few minutes are very direct and foriegn policy is mentioned as a contributor to radicalisation.

    Some of the themes raised appear in other threads and my posts.

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    An article with updates on grassroots activists fighting extremism, one of whom is Jahan Mahmood (cited above).

    The sub-title:
    While David Cameron urges Muslim people to do more to fight extremism, volunteers such as Jahan Mahmood are working tirelessly to steer young people away from a destructive path – and doing it much more effectively than the government’s own highly distrusted counter-terrorism scheme

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