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    Default Afghanistan 2015 onwards: Moderator's Notice

    There is a new NATO Mission in Afghanistan, Operation Resolute Support, with twelve contributors (down from fifty with ISAF) and with a declared non-combat mission. The USA retains a separate CT mission. For a brief outline see: and from NATO:

    Currently there are 345 threads in this arena, in the next few days I will start to close them down, starting in 2005. There maybe be some merging (actually very little done. Merged threads on securing the Afghan border and Helmand Province - not UK & USMC, ANSF).

    Several new threads will be created for 2015, currently I am thinking of the following themes:

    1. ANSF performance 2015 onwards
    2. Afghan politics (catch all, so includes talking to the Taliban)
    3. The NATO mission: concerned watchers and trainers
    4. Non-NATO involvement (India, Iran, Pakistan, China etc)
    5. Reflections on the past (assessment of ISAF etc up to 2015)

    I do appreciate that there can be cross-over between the topics, notably how the NATO mission interacts with the ANSF and Afghan politics.

    Any suggestions are welcome.
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