Myra McDonald using an ex-ISI chief's speech asks what does the exit or re-roling in Afghanistan mean for Pakistan.

A hat tip to WoTR is due:

Near the start, a taster:
For anyone who believes Pakistan’s aim in Afghanistan all along has been to turn the clock back to Sept 10, 2001 – when it exercised its influence over the country through its Taliban allies – it could almost have been a victory speech.
I guarantee her penultimate passage will upset SWC readers:
Like other suggestions about Pakistani policy, the idea that the Pakistani security establishment is emerging from the Afghan war more confident than ever is only one possibility. It does however raise a fundamental question about U.S. policy. The default position in Washington has been to see Pakistan as insecure, a notion made all the more convincing by the prickliness of its security and intelligence officials. What if the opposite were true – that a nuclear-armed Pakistan whose Taliban allies survived the war is coming out of the Afghan war feeling very secure?
The Kings War Studies speech by ret'd General Durrani, forty five minutes long:

Plenty there to mull over. SWC already have a few threads on Pakistan's relationship with the USA, China and related issues, such as internal security.