Do you have favorite war novels that primarily concern guerrilla warfare, insurgency, or other brands of unconventional or irregular warfare? I'm compiling a list, and will share it when I'm done. It will include C. S. Forrester's RIFLEMAN DODD and THE GUN, Kipling's KIM, Larteguy's THE CENTURION, Boyd's THE ICE CREAM WAR, Mo's THE REDUNDANCY OF COURAGE, Ferrari's WHERE I LEFT MY SOUL and more. I'd be very interested in novels from Africa, Asia, and the Balkans that are available in English. NOTE: I am only interested in fiction in print: short stories, plays, novels, etc. Not memoirs, unless they're fictionalized (insert a dozen jokes about how all memoirs are fiction here!).

Also, the latest FM on COIN in the US (2014) does not include an annotated bibliography (which the 2006 did). Would love to know why it was removed, if folks know.