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Thread: China's Emergence as a Superpower (2015 onwards)

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    A curious stop for the President:
    Xi's visit to Italy, which will be followed by stops in Monaco.....
    Perhaps the casino(s) are the attraction?

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    Default Masood Azhar Is China’s Favorite Terrorist

    So important is the China-Pakistan partnership that Beijing was willing to stick its neck out in support of a key terrorist asset of the Pakistani state who garners little sympathy outside Pakistan.
    While most understand that China and Pakistan have a close relationship, many regional experts thought China had the upperhand in the relationship, and had the leverage to support the UN effort to designate Azhar a terrorist, but instead China placed a technical hold on the resolution.

    Perhaps the biggest reason to have believed China would let Azhar be designated a terrorist is that it would have been a low-risk move for Beijing. Pakistan’s close friendship with and deep dependence on China—which increased after the United States suspended its security assistance to Pakistan last year—means Islamabad would have been in no position to express displeasure, much less retaliate. So there would have been no deleterious consequences for bilateral relations. In fact, allowing the resolution to pass would have benefited Beijing: It would have brought China some international goodwill at a moment when its global image has been marred by its cruel and repressive policies toward the Uighur community.

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    Refreshing take.

    China Never Was A Superpower—And It Won’t Be One Anytime Soon

    As an initial matter, the popular conception of China rests on a gross misreading of the past. The country, in short, has never been dominant on “the world stage,” as Kaplan and others put it. “The idea that China was somehow a great Asian hegemon at some point in the past, so that all she is doing now is resuming her traditional position is a total misunderstanding of how nations in pre-modern Asia interacted,” Arthur Waldron of the University of Pennsylvania told Strategika. “Fundamentally, they avoided contact lest that lead to disorder, as globalization is doing in China today.”
    A scrimmage in a Border Station
    A canter down some dark defile
    Two thousand pounds of education
    Drops to a ten-rupee jezail

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    Default China's Unrestricted Warfare Strategy in Play

    BBC Documentary China vs USA - Empires at war

    The video interviews numerous PRC, Taiwan, and U.S. strategists, and as the retired PLA clearly states, China is at war with the U.S. now, but it is a different type of war, unrestricted warfare.

    The next article focuses on PLA's maritime militia, or little blue men.

    Beijing’s maritime militia, the scourge of South China Sea
    China uses hundreds of fishing trawlers, manned by military-trained sailors and modified for ramming and spying, to seize islands

    For two years, scores and sometimes hundreds of Chinese fishing ships have been harassing, swarming and spying on Filipino construction crews upgrading infrastructure on the island of Thitu, known as Pagasa in the Philippines. This is the second largest naturally occurring island in the Spratly archipelago, and is home to about 100 Filipinos and a small military detachment.

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