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Thread: Syria in 2015

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    Syria Iraqi Badr fighters with a recently delivered T-90, southern Aleppo.

    'DEFENDING National Interests"--though they were destroying Islamic State and I guess that applies as well to eastern Ukraine.....?

    Putin in NY address sends special greetings 2
    soldiers "defending Russia’s national interests on distant frontiers"
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    FSA commander claim 2/3 of invading troops are foreign Shiite forces from #Iraq/#Lebanon/#Afghanistan

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    Quote Originally Posted by OUTLAW 09 View Post
    [B]CrowBat-----what do you think of this field report.....have you heard anything along the lines of this field comment as the T90 should not have been in this area and it appears to be a T72?
    No clue what a Shtora looks like when in action, but I would say this TOW was not the least disturbed.

    IMHO, we should keep in mind: the view we get to see in such video is not that of the gunner, but that of the camera operator. If the latter screws-up with camera-settings, then such 'effects' like visible here are unavoidable.

    Anyway, since this is almost certainly going to be my last call in anno 2015: thanks for following this thread, and contributing so much this year.

    Wish you all a peaceful, prosperous and of course happy New Year 2016!

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    It appears that now Obama is conducting an informational war against the American public and news media AND not against Putin and or the IS....why is that??????

    National Security

    Obama thinks his Syria strategy is right -- and folks just don’t get it

    Quoted from this article above.....

    As the new communication effort began, Obama gave a new title to Robert Malley, who is in charge of the Middle East for the National Security Council. As the president’s newly minted Senior Adviser for the Counter-ISIL Campaign in Iraq and Syria, Malley’s job is to consolidate efforts across departments and agencies in charge of the military, diplomatic, intelligence, financing and other aspects of the strategy.

    Because Malley was not known as a prolific practitioner of social media, “it’s probably fair to say that Rob Malley was not itching to launch his own Twitter account,” the first senior administration official said. But Malley nonetheless inaugurated @robmalley44 on Dec. 11.

    Although officials said Malley approves his own postings, most of what appears under the handle is compiled by the half dozen members of the White House Office of Digital Strategies, which retweets virtually every other tweet, chart, release, speech and statement on anti-Islamic State efforts from across the government.

    The last week of the year sparked a a virtual flood of emails, releases, tweets and retweets from the White House, State and Defense departments, and the military and coalition allies hailing the Iraqi military’s success in driving Islamic State forces from the city of Ramadi.

    In case anyone misses any of it, on Dec. 8 the NSC press office began emailing to a long list of reporters a daily roundup it said would “aggregate key developments across the various lines of effort in our unyielding campaign to degrade and destroy ISIL.”

    “You’re going to see more of all of it in the new year,” the first senior official said. “You’ll see the president continue to be the chief messenger when it comes to this. He’s uniquely suited to tie together the different streams. You’ll also see Carter, Kerry, the military generals, Lew, Szubin — the whole cast of characters really, to speak to this in a very concerted way in order to ensure” that the message is getting out.


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    From the fireworks war torn streets and sky over Berlin tonight which started when it got dark....a safe slide into 2016 and a Happy New Year........

    It has been a long thread in 2015 and will be probably even longer in 2016 but thanks to those that take the time to read the comments and to those that make comments.

    A super thanks to the 93K that have taken the time to read the comments. There is an old saying------ knowledge is power---

    To those that provide info for comments here on the Syrian 2015 thread that are still in Syria---an old Iraqi saying--- "stay safe-"- and for those other social media types that I use for comments---an equally stay safe in whatever country you reside in.

    This wraps up 2015------
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    Default Closed

    Thankyou Outlaw 09, as it is unlikely another will post this thread I shall close now before I go out to party. Minus fireworks!

    To the others who post here thank you, anyone who follows this thread will have learnt a lot - even if there is rarely disagreement.

    With a special note to Crowbat for his postings.

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