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    Default Irhabi Murderdom

    E-mail recieved from Jim Guirard, TrueSpeak Institute. Also published in the US Army Strategic Command's Information Operations Newsletter.

    Irhabi Murderdom

    Author's Note: This essay uses about a dozen of the Islamic religious words which should be learned and used proactively by all of us as semantic weapons against Saddam-style, al Qaeda-style and Hizballah-style Terrorism.

    The purpose of these terms is to classify all of these deviants as the deadly enemies of authentic Qur'anic Islam they really are, rather than as the so-called "Jihadists and mujahideen and martyrs destined for Paradise" they falsely claim to be -- all too often with our unintended help when we parrot their patently false words of self-sanctification.

    Of course, this is a tall order in a body politic which, after more than five years into a War on Terrorism, has not yet learned the five-letter Arabic word for terrorism -- Irhab. But, of course, we must start somewhere, n'est-ce pas? .... JIM GUIRARD

    In certain absolutist schools of Islamic thought, many Muslims consider most "other" Muslims to be khawarij (outside the religion), kuffar (unbelievers), munafiquun (hypocrites) or murtadduun (apostates) – the latter transgression being subject to the death penalty in this life and to Jahannam (eternal Hellfire) in the next.

    Ironically, these are some of the same condemnatory Islamic religious words which should be applied to the accusatory radicals themselves, rather than to the "moderate" and the truly peaceful and pluralist Muslims at whom they are now so wrongly directed.

    Despite the fact that there is supposed to be no fitna – no internal discord and no familial strife – within Islam, both the false condemnations cited above and the ongoing epidemic of Muslims-killing-Muslims in Iraq seem to operate 'round the clock, 365 days a year. The genocidal competition between Sunni and Shi'a death squads is running neck-and-neck in their decapitation (and/or head drilling) of fellow Iraqi Muslims.

    Although occasional fatwas (religious edicts) correctly condemn such satanic activities, the hyena-like Sunni and Shi'a killers -- calling themselves "Lions of Islam" -- routinely ignore them. Ruthlessly, they continue to claim "martyrdom" as a glorious reward for slaughtering each other, destroying each others' mosques and condemning each other as "infidels" -- all in the name of Allah, to be sure.

    In similar fashion, the Salafi and Wahhabi cults in Saudi Arabia (and their Caliphate-hungry al Qaeda progeny worldwide) engage in the "takfiri" scam of excommunicating from Islam any Muslim brethren who disagree with their hard-line interpretations – on the warped belief that all such deviants and apostates should be expelled, or even be put to death.

    In such close-minded and hate-everyone-else frames of reference, it becomes extremely difficult to know who among the warring Muslim parties, if anyone at all, have legitimate claim to martyrdom -- and who, instead, are nothing but sinful pretenders to that holy and Paradise-bound status in what is supposed to be a religion of universal peace, justice, truth and compassion.

    Are the "real" martyrs the Shi'a-hating Sunnis? The Sunni-hating Shi'ites? The medieval Afghan Taliban? The Iranian Hizballah? The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood? The so-called "Mahdi Army" of al-Sadr? The Fedayeen Saddam? The al Qaeda-style suicide mass murderers? All of the above? None of the above?

    Since correct answers to such questions might take an eternity to discover, let us focus instead on the particular case of the late Saddam Hussein – for whom "martyrdom" is now being claimed by some of the most murderous of Muslims and sharply denied by all too few of the so-called "moderate" ones.

    "Martyrdom" for Whom?

    In either event, the basic question to be settled is "Martyrdom for the glory of WHOM? For the eternal glory of Allah Himself? Or, most perversely, for the sordid and deceitful sake of Satan, instead?

    Clearly, Saddam's case is one of "Shahid al-Shaitan" – a "Martyr for Satan," rather than for the "compassionate, merciful, beneficent, peaceful and just" Allah of the Qur'an. The same would be true for Osama bin Laden (a Sunni) and for Moqtada al-Sadr (a Shi'a) and for many other hyena-like deviants of their bloodthirsty kind.

    In this context, such "abd' al-Shaitan" (Servants or Slaves of Satan) should be seen as destined not for the virgin-filled Paradise of so-called "Jihadi Martyrdom" but for a demon-filled Hellfire of "Irhabi (terrorist) MURDERdom."

    This is the dark domain which is now populated by such other mufsiduun (evildoers, mortal sinners, corrupters) as Lenin, Stalin, Beria, Dzerghinski, Hitler, Himler, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Mingistu, Yassir Arafat, "Che" Guevara, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and thousands more like them.

    And in due course these genocidal fascists will be joined by such "dead men walking" as Fidel Castro, Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Mullah Omar, al-Sadr and others guilty of istihlal -- which in Islam is the enormously arrogant sin of "playing God" with the lives and the personal dignity of millions of their fellow human beings.

    (Has not Castro been "playing God" in Cuba for almost 50 horrendous years? And is not his egomaniacal acolyte, Hugo Chavez, headed down that same bloody "Socialism or Death" path in nearby Cubazuela? And is not Comrade Chavez now snugly in bed with every "Death to America'" evildoer in the Muslim World? )

    Copying Lenin's Pseudo-religious Scam

    In an historic context, it seems that most of these messianic deceivers are following the pseudo-religious tactic revealed by Vladimir Lenin when he explained: "We will find our greatest success to the extent that we inculcate Marxism as a kind of religion. Religious men and women are easy to convert and win, and will easily accept our thinking if we wrap it up in a kind of religious terminology."

    Eventually, Comrade Lenin's scam came to be known as "Liberation Theology" -- which has no more to do with either liberation or theology than al Qaeda's so-called "Jihadi Martyrdom" has to do with either holiness or Paradise.

    In was in this cynical fashion that a previously irreligious Saddam Hussein operated during his last several years in power and that he brought to bear (by falsely claiming to have been a lifelong "Jihadist") even as he was about to be executed for crimes against humanity – Islam's ancient word for which is Hirabah, "unholy war" and forbidden "war against society."

    The tortured society in question was, of course, the Iraqi people -- against whose dignity he and his two depraved sons, Uday and Coussay, waged daily irhab or hirabah (choose your synonym) of the worst kind for almost thirty years.

    He was the hands-on mass murderer, the torturer, the executioner, the invader of neighbors, the WMD poisoner of the Kurds, the financier of suicide killers, the acolyte of Stalin and, finally, the Grand Pretender of an Islamic faith whose true believers should now condemn as inherently Satanic this evil man's lifetime of sins, cruelties and de facto desecrations of the peace, the compassion, the mercy and the justice of which the Qur'an speaks.

    And if the faithful followers of authentic Islam either cannot or will not draw such a sharp distinction between themselves and the sordid likes of Hussein, bin Laden, al-Sadr and al-Zarqawi, then this may be an awful indication that their religion has been subsumed by the Sunni-based al Qaeda Apostasy -- and by its Shi'a-sponsored Hizballah (Party of God) and so-called "Mahdi Army" counterparts, as well.

    Surely, this cannot be so. Surely, the God of Abraham would not allow it to be so. But to prove this for once and for all, it is high time for the Umma, the Muslim World

    (a) to rediscover and to reclaim its one and only "True Islam" of Peace and Justice, which is now being perverted and corrupted by a variety of satanic cults;

    (b) to re-educate itself about what these two names and the 97 other blessed "99 Names of Allah" define this religion to be; and

    (c) to remove from itself -- by means of a Truly Spiritual Jihad, a Jihad al-Khabir -- all those cancerous elements of hate, envy, violence and "Irhabi Murderdom" which are currently corrupting and desecrating the soul of Islam from within.

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    Default Inna Lillahi wa Innah Ilahi Raj'un

    Which roughly translates, we are coming from God, we are returning to God. That concept to me, coupled with the belief in Fate, leads to a considerable amount of passive resistance to the murder and mayhem of the radicals, and, a considerable amount of tacit support. It seems to me there are large elements in the Ummah that essentially sit back and do not oppose via speech or action the murder and mayhem because after all, Allah will judge the evil ones in the end and punish accordingly. So too there are large elements who agree with the fundamentalist principles of the violent jihadis but avoid any harsh judgement from Allah because they are not directly and personally participating in the murder and mayhem, i.e. they are not pulling the trigger and detonating the bombs. This of course is a real existential dilemma for Westerners - you are not damned if you do (silently support) or if you don't(silently oppose), when so many around you are being blown up.

    One counter to this is to start using their own language in reference to their actions, which is what I think is being alluded to in a subtle way. To do so conveys the message, "we know you - we know where you are coming from and what you are about." Will this happen? Probably not because there isn't much historical precedent for doing it. The one thing the old time plains Indian fighters could never understand and respect was the concept of counting coup. They could never appreciate being insulted. The ultimate act of contempt a plains Indian could show to his enemy was strike that enemy with a coup stick, in affect telling that enemy, " you are so F'n inferior and such a piece of sh** that I don't even need a weapon against you. See how inferior you are, you can't stop me despite your weapons and technology and culture - I'm amongst you hitting you with a stick and you can't stop me." The fact that a fair number of coup counters got blown away is irrelevant. We mistakenly perceived that as an act of bravery on their part but it was in fact nothing more than a spiritual obligation based on visceral contempt. It's the same with Jihadis . They blow themselves up because they can no longer bear to be near sin, not because they want to get next to Allah. They get next to Allah because they bring him sinners to judge and the innocent to reward. In getting back to the frontier analogy, at Fetterman's massacre, in which Crazy Horse by the way used provocation to spring the ambush, the body of every fallen trooper was severely mutilated except one - the Bugler. He was able to show so much contempt for his enemy that he used his bugle, a non-weapon much like a coup stick, to go after them with. The oral tradition of the Lakota says this guy was talked about for some time. One oral tradition says his body was left where it lay, unmutilated with his bugle resting on his chest. Another oral tradition says he was wrapped in a buffalo robe out of honor. The Bugler spoke to them on their terms in their language, nothing more.

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    Default Behind Al Queda's Mask of "Jihad"-The Satanic Face of "Hirabah"

    An interesting article on semantics by Jim Guirard, shamelessly stolen from the I/O Net on BCKS - It's short, so I took a chance and am posting it in it's entirety:

    Behind Al Qaeda's Mask of "Jihad" -- The Satanic Face of "Hirabah"
    Jim Guirard
    Just as the European Union is correct to be designing a new lexicon for the ongoing "war of words" against al Qaeda-style Terrorism, so was US Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld correct when he recently graded America and the West no better than D or D-plus in our efforts to win the "war of ideas" against Osama bin Laden's suicide mass murderers -- a.k.a., so-called "Jihadis" and "holy warriors."
    Since words, particularly those which distinguish good from evil, are often the most vital ingredient in this battle for "hearts, mind and souls," could this be the factor that is both dragging us down and giving great aid and comfort -- and legitimacy -- to the enemy?
    The answer is an emphatic yes -- with the two interrelated pitfalls being (a) our enormous addiction to bin Laden's patently false but very seductive and self-sanctifying language of so-called "Jihadi martyrdom" and (b) our ignorance of and/or refusal to use those truthful Arabic and Islamic words which will correctly and forever label bin Ladenism as the gigantic pseudo-Islamic scam it really is.
    In a recent Washington Post op-ed essay, former US National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) chief John Brennan observed in part: "Bin Laden has also insidiously convinced us to use terminology that lends legitimacy to his activities. He has hijacked the term "jihad" to such an extent that US and other Western officials regularly use the terms "jihadist" and "terrorist" interchangeably. In doing so, they unwittingly transfer the religious legitimacy inherent in the concept of jihad to murderous acts that are anything but holy."
    The subtle but deadly problem here is one of "semantic infiltration" -- which the late, great US Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan defined in Cold War context as "the process whereby we come to adopt the language of our adversaries in describing political reality. The most totalitarian regimes in the world call themselves 'liberation movements.' It is perfectly predictable that they would misuse words to conceal their real nature. But must we aid them in that effort by repeating those words? Worse, do we begin to influence our own perceptions by using them?"
    And so it is today when we parrot al Qaeda's language of so-called "Jihad" (holy war) by purported "mujahiddin" (holy warriors) and "martyrs" supposedly destined for "Paradise," allegedly as a reward for killing all of us "infidels." This is the five-word mantra which quite effectively brands us as what bin Laden calls "The Great Satan" -- for who else would be so relentlessly killing a bunch of holy guys on their way to Paradise?
    Fortunately, there is a solution to this dilemma. It involves our proactive use of the four or five other Islamic words (and their English equivalents) which tell the truth about what should be called neither "holy" nor Heaven-bound but "The al Qaeda Apostasy," instead.
    The Word is "Hirabah" -- Unholy War, Forbidden "War Against Society"
    In brief, this truthful new picture of political (and authentic Islamic) reality would best be painted as follows: "Hirabah (Unholy War, forbidden "war against society") by mufsidoon (evildoers and mortal sinners) and irhabists (terrorists) on their way to Jahannam (Eternal Hellfire)" as a proper punishment for their many shaitaniyah (satanic) crimes and sins against Allah.
    Among these transgressions are such khawarij (outside the religion) violations of Quranic prohibitions as killing of innocents, sponsoring suicide for purposes of intimidation, fomenting hatred among religions and nations, desecrating the bodies of perceived enemies, destroying some mosques and weaponizing others, condemning everyone but themselves as "infidels" and as "apostates," and perverting many passages of the Holy Quran itself -- all in the falsely asserted "Will of Allah," of course.
    Unfortunately, truth-in-language is easier said than done. First, we Americans are incredibly inept at learning and using foreign words. Four and a half years into the War on Terrorism hardly any of us have even learned the Arabic word for terrorism -- Irhab. This is astounding!!! It and the other four or five correct words listed above will come off our lips only with great effort.
    Second, any such corrective action within the US Government will have to contend with the Government's own de facto cautions and prohibitions against waging the anti-AQ battle in Islamic religious terms -- or even in words which have Islamic religious implications.
    While this rule is intended to avoid egg-in-the-face mistakes about Islam, such a milquetoast standard must now be modified -- even one Arabic/Islamic word at a time -- so as not to prohibit but to encourage the prudent use of such truthful anti-al Qaeda Islamicterms and frames of reference as those recommended.
    Limiting ourselves to such Western secular words and law enforcement terms as "criminals" and "thugs" and "bring to justice" is little better than shooting with blanks. And, even worse, we shoot ourselves with live and deadly ammunition every time we either repeat or acquiesce in bin Laden's deceitful language of "Jihadi martyrdom“ which so effectively sanctifies him and so thoroughly demonizes us.
    Finally, it is instructive to recall Vladimir Lenin's cynical method of concocting a pseudo-religious scam: "We find our greatest success to the extent we inculcate Marxism as a kind of religion. Religious men and women are easy to convert and win, and will easily accept our thinking if we wrap it up in a kind of religious terminology."
    In the case of Leninism, this tactic of deceit finally resulted in so-called "Liberation Theology" -- condemned as heretical by the late John Paul II but still lurking in the scheming minds of Fidel Castro, Nicaragua's Sandinistas and Venezuela's (a.k.a., Cubazuela's) Hugo Chavez.
    In the case of neo-Leninist bin Ladenism, it has resulted in the pseudo-Islamic scam of so-called "Jihadi martyrdom" -- which we still call "holy" but for which we should immediately begin using the new words "Hirabah by mufsidoon destined for Jahannam" (Unholy War by evildoers and mortal sinners destined for Eternal Hellfire), instead.
    Hopefully, the EU's new anti-Terrorism lexicon (and our own, as well) will soon be making full use of such truth-in-Islam words and frames of reference -- and ridding itself of al Qaeda's pseudo-Islamic and apostate language of so-called "Jihadi martyrdom," whose willful misuse by suicide mass murderers and haters is an insult to authentic, Qur'anic Islam.
    ©2006 Family Security Matters.
    A Washington DC-area writer, speaker and anti-Terrorism strategist, Jim Guirard was longtime Chief of Staff to former US Senators Allen Ellender and Russell Long. His new TrueSpeak Institute is devoted to truth-in-language and truth-in-history in public discourse

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    Post Nice to see opening eyes

    This war has never been fought on the mind and belief level and we have ignored this realm of human conflict to our detriment. Listen to FDRs and Churchill's radio addresses. They understood collective human will begins in the mind.

    I have never understood how the press can reiterate statements like "If the US would just leave the fighting would stop." or the truely decietful statement "If the US would leave there would be no civil war or conflict"

    This is eqvuivalent to saying "because you stand here I must kill my neighbor and his sons." Presence does not constitute culpability.

    What they are really saying is If the US leaves --for a while we would kill more until resistence was crushed and and then under our authoritarian rule we will bring the rule of Allah as we few interpret it-- The only peace they have brought is eternal and it has another name -death.

    We and our media needs to continually illustrate the brutish and short face of Al Queda. They wish the destruction of all life just to call what is left theirs.

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    Default Prophets Never Die

    Appropriate rhetoric aside, I don't see the American people having the will for any extended fight against any external threat no matter what said enemies do outside our borders. If I were a senior AQ strategist, I would not want any attacks made on American soil, unless said attacks could truly devastate the economy for many, many years. I would want the American people and the West in general to regard me and my kind as an aberration of Islam and not its core on which the progressives and moderates and those willing to separate religion and State affairs have evolved. The way it was in the days of Mohammed is the way it simply must be. Fundamentalist Islam can never implode but the West can and some say already is imploding. The expansion of the 'pure' Ummah is based on sacrifice, hardship and violent disruption. It can spread in no other way. Quranic transposition: "(when engaging) the stomach must be filled with 1/3 food, 1/3 water and 1/3 air." That simply equates to destabalization and attrition on the fringes of the West and the fringes of the Ummah can survive and endure that better than we can. Time and tactics are on their side and the only way they can be stopped is for the West to break its dependence on fossil fuels.

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    Default engage the prophet?

    The conflict does not appear to be about oil from the enemys perspective.

    I would not reccomend ignoring the rhetoric, their rhetoric or our own. The rhetoric is the articulated WHY. Such a course has not been particularly successful in this conflict or historically. Without rhetoric individual actions fail to gain unity of purpose and will falters and people and their energy pass into an abyss of questions --who (someone else) how (some other way) when (any other time but now) and where (any other place but where we find ourselves).

    Aq rhetoric is getting people to act in the now, while we analyse our past and think about how we will act in the future given our own assumptions on how the present will turn out.


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