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Thread: adpatation of the rifle platoon

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    Default adpatation of the rifle platoon

    Should have read (Adaptation) - last night was long and I need a second cup of coffee.

    I'd mentioned awhile back that I wondered how a US unit would adapt here if it had to stay for 10 years when we were discussing building security forces IAW METT-TC on a FID thread. Last night one of our partner unit's PLs came in and told me about a chance contact he'd made that uncovered a large cache by following "gut instincts" in another part of the city. It was a great story of a PL who let his NCOs follow their noses and take allot of bad stuff of the streets. Every member of the team knew what needed to be done, and they were executing effectively and efficiently.

    What I found most interesting though was the help he got from supporting specialty units once he radioed in what they had found. I realized we'd changed in a big way the manner in which we do sensitive site exploitation and how that impacts the small unit leader. This PL was very impressive. He handles a great many tasks simultaneously and empowers his subordinate leaders to do likewise.

    I'm really amazed at how well our guys have adpated. Much has been said in the press by "experts" about COIN and how we're lacking, this skill or that resource. Yes, we do need some things that have not been provided, however much of what has been asked for either has been created, provided, or resourced out of hide to make happen. Another thing I've seen come a long way of the last year is how US Forces work with indigenous security forces. While I know this is a reflection on the quality of the IA, I still think it speaks volumes to our folks as well. The COIN Academy leaders go through in Taji really helps I'm told (I asked a company CDR who told me that in Taji they told him that the IA in Mosul were among the best in the country).

    It takes awhile to inculcate certain practices and make something that works, but is somewhat foreign acceptable and tacit in a large organization. While we've tried to flatten things out (with some great successes, and some not so great), any large organization is by nature still going to be somewhat ponderous. I think though that we may have reached a saturation point where what works in COIN (and what doesn't) is being listened to.

    There is still somethig of a learning curve where a unit gets to its AOR and has to "get acclimated" to some specific aspects of METT-TC, however they are adapting quickly and getting the most out of their organizations.

    Our folks don't always get the credit they deserve. Our Armed Services have once again shown why the most important weapon n the battlefield is the human being.
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    Default A True Reflection

    This flexibility, resourcefulness and adaptability is the product of a free and open society. We allow talent and creativity to grow and it manifests in all areas. What you have described should be of no surprise to anyone but sadly, political forces too often prevent the Public from seeing such exemplary action. From the civilian side of things, it is shameful that we don't demand at least equal time from our media and politicians, in which what you have just described gets as much print and air time as bombs at markets do.

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    Default ahhhh

    It's still uplifting to hear in this bastion in the left coast where I am at......I'll I hear is doom and gloom....I love how people are trying to compare Iraq to Germany in '45 and how they just gave up....they seem to forget or not know about the Werewolf and what was done to stamp them out....


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