Hi there,

Im currently working on a project in relation to Op Telic and Im looking for information on the following, or links/referrals if at all possible.

I'm wondering if you would know if it is possible to find out about pre Iraq War teaching/training of British personnel. Particularly teaching in relation to the application of force after the completion of conventional operations agains the Iraqi Army etc. Any leads/ ideas appreciated.

On the subject of public opinion, where would I look for poll data? I have gotten some very interesting data sets from the MoD on attitudes to violence and coalition presence in various cities in Iraq from around 2005.
Im looking to add to the data sets I have already. However I would like to add to it from the UK public point of view. To get a sense of the various narratives.

bfpo David has already furnished me with some very interesting links and suggestions.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Many thanks,