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1) It would be absurd to discuss a conclusion that is not based on facts. How can it be thought provoking, if it’s not accurate? What if it the author just said “police in the US kill citizens at 1000 the rate…” What if he said, “100% of police officer are members of the KKK?” You have to have facts to be able to have an intelligent dialogue about something as complex as this. I pointed out some inaccuracies in the data and gave you some context and possibly alternative matrices for comparison. If you’re just posting inflammatory links, then you’re just trolling.
Why is that absurd? If someone is deliberately propagating half truths I have two choices, take his/her word for it or ask people on the ground for the actual truth. I chose latter. If someone had written that all cops are KKK would you not have told me that its simply not true.

And sorry, trolling people who know this stuff better than me is definitely not my thing.

Considering that I haven't spent a single second on American soil, it should very well point out that my sources are second hand and biased.

2) Sorry, I didn’t watch the video. Stewart, Colbert and Oliver are great comedians, but these shows usually don’t present a balanced view on issues. It’s not gospel just because John Oliver says so. If something they bring up strikes a chord with you, then I suggest you research the matter for yourself.
Please read my previous response carefully. I said…
I get very filtered news about US i.e. international relations etc from the local channels and mostly talk shows from American channels, i.e. your Amanpours and Zakarias etc, which are mind numbing, especially Zakaria. Because of a near 12 hour time difference, live news is not particularly feasible. Good morning America is not something you would want to see at dinner time.

So yes, while I do not take Colbert or Oliver or Maher's words to be gospels I do like their shows and agree with them on several matters including the video posted above. If you haven't watched the video then don't just disagree for the sake of it.

I have never been to “Doraville, Georgia, population of 8500” so I don’t presume to know what their law enforcement needs are, but it sounds like the type of “podunk” place that might not need its own tracked APC. But armored vehicles (not necessarily tracked) are a part of the police toolkit used in hostage and barricaded suspect type of situations. The US from time to time has incidents where heavily armed bad guys get into shootouts with police. And the police need these vehicles for cover, to evacuate casualties, etc. However, in my humble opinion every department does not need to get such a vehicle when they could get by with mutual-aid. A mutual-aid agreement is a pact between various neighboring municipalities to share resources (such as armored vehicles and extra officers) during emergencies. So in theory Doraville and a few of its neighbors could sign such an agreement with the county. But that is something each community has to decide for itself. If the good people of Doraville decide to forgo the APC, then they have to be ok with the consequences of that (whatever that might be). Please look up North Hollywood I think this should be clear enough.
I could be wrong but isn't dealing with the heavily armed bad guys is exactly the job of a well armed (not heavily) police force.


Not exactly heavily armed but still....


I don't know about Americans but civilians in general are not particularly fond of APCs parking next to their family cars at signals. And I have seen the footage of North Hollywood shootout plenty of times. Should that be the template for entire police forces across the country. That APC had it been in Detroit or Baltimore would have made much more sense than Doraville.

If the NYPD has the same budget as the military of Ukraine, maybe it’s time we beef up the NYPD budget. Because we’ve all seen how well the Ukrainians are doing. Again, examine underlying causes when you see random stats. NYC population is 8 million, Greece population is 10 million. There are ~50,000 officers in New York and 109,000 military personal in Greece. Compare population densities. Better yet compare the economies. The biggest cost for police/fire agencies in the US is personnel. So is it unthinkable each NYPD officer (with the cost of living in NYC) could be making twice as much as a Greek service person? Keep in mind this is an oversimplification. You’re thinking, “but the Greeks have military equipment.” Well, the NYPD has a ton of facilities, vehicles, helicopters, IT infrastructure, etc. But why are you even comparing the NYPD to the Greek military. It’s meaningless. Apples to cars.
If you cannot see the fallacy of your argument that the higher amount of financial resources being spent on a police force which by definition is for policing than a much larger military then perhaps you are right that it is apples and cars.

If you think that a Bell 412 and a F-16, a patrol boat and an armed frigate and a Bearcat and a Leo-2 are perfectly compatible examples of funding requirements then my apologies to you.

Indian Border Security Force while technically still a police force operates more than 100 105mm howitzers, 120mm mortars and MANPADS. If rumours are to be believed then 105mm will be replaced by 155mm units and a small number (few hundred) of Spike AT missiles will be acquired as well. Difference between them and NYPD is that NYPD don't engage Pakistan army in artillery duels on a day to day basis.

3) That’s good news. I hope it continues to decrease.
Me too. But isn't this contrary to the whole Mexican gangs thing. Not that there are no Mexican gangs or the crimes they commit but that crime rate is inversely proportional to the illegal immigration. At least this what I gathered.

4) Based on the limited open source information I have, it looked like an accident. It is unfortunate the man lost his life, but accidents happen. There are even occasional blue-on-blue shootings, with some resulting in fatalities. There was recently a police officer that was shot and killed by his colleague during the execution of a search warrant in Northern California. The legal system will sort out Mr. Bates in due time.
Kind sir, you are missing the forest for the trees. A 74 year old man with no prior LE experience should not be a part of police force least of all to be armed and on a stake out.