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Thread: Armenia: #ElectricYerevan protests

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    A new thread has been opened (see Post 21) and a number of posts from the main Ukraine thread refer to the protests, have been copied here, hence the first twenty posts coming first (ends).

    Quote Originally Posted by OUTLAW 09 View Post
    And who says there are not "other colored revolts brewing" in the rest of the areas controlled by Russia and Armenia is controlled by Russia.

    Pic o the day. Defiance amid water cannons, arrests, broken cameras, phones … #Yerevan #Armenia

    Putin is now advising #Armenia's president on how to turn a small protest into an uprising...: … So what's RT's story? Nazi-CIA coup to steal #Armenia away fr #Russia,right into NATO?

    Rally in #Yerevan: Police use water cannons against protesters (videos) … #Armenia

    Mass Arrests in Armenian Capital Accompanied by Police Profanity and Harassment (Video) -

    Black humor about this demo using Russian propaganda terms----

    The CIA raised electricity prices in Armenia as part of a fascist, anti-Russian plot to make people gay.
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