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Thread: Better than M4, but you canít have it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwigrunt View Post
    Here is another drop-in gas system for the M16 series.
    Why? It introduces many new variables to fail. Carrier tilt, premature bolt wear, piston breakage and the like.

    If you want something with a piston and a rotary bolt then get an AR18 based design. The carrier rides on rails so it can't tilt and won't wear the upper prematurely.

    Similarly, if you want the most reliable system regardless of weight use a tilting bolt system like the BAR, 240 or FAL.

    Quote Originally Posted by William F. Owen View Post
    Yes, it's expensive, but that is mostly a function of procurement issues. Buy more and it will cost less. The UK now has the L115A3 in Battalions.
    If you buy the L115A3 then the most logical thing would be to allow the barrel to be replaced at the Bn level. It is extremely expensive, it will never be cheap, but most weapons aren't, and the capabilities are fairly awesome. The trick is just making sure that the guy behind it can use it.

    Quote Originally Posted by William F. Owen View Post
    The trajectory is very flat compared to 7.62mm, and it's good in high winds, so it's easier to hit stuff at 1000m because range estimation is less of an issue. Plus it's big bullet able to deal with light cover. I wouldn't bother training folks for over 1,000m, so I like 8.59mm cos it makes the snipers job easier! - that's it.
    I like that. I would argue that a smaller cartridge (as small as 6MM) makes sense because it can be made to fly as flat, but if you want to get through foliage or autobodies then you'll need something bigger.

    I'm currently corresponding with a Soldier who uses a Mk 12 to shoot 5.56 out to 900M with good effect on the enemy. It flies flatter than his team mates M110 in 7.62. Go figure...

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    I've got one question for you. What's up now, haters?

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    It appears the 5.56 SCAR is still in the running for SOCOM.
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