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Thread: Rumor killer Web tool?

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    Default Rumor killer Web tool?

    I'm tired of reading rumors coming from Russia. In the 1980. US organised body to discover Soviet attempts to influence audience around the world. Reading this material, you understand that this was not easy work.

    For example the AIDS story started from Indian newspaper and spread to other geographical areas. Today the "news" spread much quicker. There is Twitter mapping tool and this was used to show how Bin Laden death news spread in Twitter.

    My question is is there Web tool that can track the beginning of disinformation campaign and spreading pattern? Google can find news, showing also time, but this is pain in the a... to find the orginal story. Yes, you can, but you can't map comfortably/quickly the "explosion" and beginning the arson. Russian language may be obstacle, but tracking hyperlinks is not connected to Cyrillics.

    Any ideas to save time in finding arsonists as hobbyist?

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    Sounds interesting. Thank you Yandex!

    Yandex News has a new function that allows the company to identify the first source of any particular news story. Known as “Where did it all begin,” the program in its first month tracked 3600 primary sources, 40 percent of them from Russian publications and 28 percent from foreign ones.

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