Here an announcement for two new books from Harpia, including one from your very own.

- Arab MiGs, Volume 6
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This is a preliminary end of this series, which over the last seven years of work and publishing turned into a sort of 'encyclopaedia of Arab air forces at war with Israel, 1955-1973'.

This volume is covering the October 1973 Arab-Israeli War (also 'Yom Kippour' or 'October' or 'Teshreen' War), from 9 October 1973, until the Israeli-Syrian cease-fire in May 1974. It bristles with related stories and photos, of course, and is richly illustrated with artworks/colour profiles (some 43 of these) too.


- Russia's Warplanes
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Right on time (considering increased tensions between Russia and the West, and what are Russians doing in Syria), here comes a volume offering a unique 'catalogue' of all Russian-made military aircraft currently in production and in world-wide service.

Designed to become handy source of reference, so it's structured as a sort of 'handbook', listing all variants, their equipment, powerplants, performances etc., and is richly illustrated with a host of exclusive photography and diagrams.

Part 2 of this book is to follow the next year.