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Thread: Flight KGL9268: shot down over Sinai?

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    Default Flight KGL9268: shot down over Sinai?

    Yassin Musharbash (based in Germany) examines the claim by ISIS(Sinai) that they caused the crash and deaths:
    What should we make of the IS claim of responsibility?
    He concludes:
    So, what should me make of all of this?That's easy:
    * This incident should NOT be counted as an IS terror attack (yet).
    * We should consider the written claim of responsibility by the IS Sinai province as quite possibly authentic, but not beyond doubt. Furthermore we should bear in mind that even if authentic, it can still be wrong
    * We need to look closely at what the technical investigations will tell us
    * We should look out for IS publications containing credible pieces of insider information.

    For background on the crash of the Russian owned airliner I have relied upon the BBC's reporting:

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    The facts don't add up to an IS attack at the moment.

    The aircraft was at 31K feet when contact was lost, and air traffic control radar analysis has highlighted a rapid drop (less than 30 seconds) in airspeed from 400+ kts to around 60 kts, followed by loss of track.

    (reference the innterview towards ther bottom of the page)

    Although more detailed analysis of the flight recorders are needed and there are conflicting reports of whether the pilot asked for vectoring to a divert airfield just before the aircraft went down, a surface-to-air missile does not look like a culprit.

    MANPADs possessed by any Sinai insurgents wouldn't be able to even strike an a/c at that altitude.

    I suppose a bomb could be the culprit, and it wouldn't have to be a Hollywood-style endeavour to bring a plane down. There is definitely a lot of security theater at the terminal and a timer-based device could be just as easily emplaced through cargo access, with a bit of effort.

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