Critical Perspectives on International Business Vol. 3. No. 1

Special issue: Militarization and international business


Introduction: militarization and international business
Peter Stokes, Ryan Bishop, John Phillips (pp. 5-10)
Keywords: International business, Military actions, Organizations
ArticleType:General review

The “militarizing” of organization and management studies: Reconnoitring the tensions – problems and possibilities for reshaping the terrain?
Peter Stokes (pp. 11-26)
Keywords: Armed forces, Literature, Managerialism
ArticleType:Literature review

The disavowal of the military
Ryan Bishop, John Phillips (pp. 27-40)
Keywords: History, Organizations, Reasoning, Religion
ArticleType:Conceptual paper

Shifting foundations: redrawing strategic management's military heritage
Stephen Cummings (pp. 41-62)
Keywords: Deconstruction, Heritage, History, Strategic management
ArticleType:Conceptual paper

Bonds of burden and bliss: the management of social relations in a peacekeeping organisation
Teemu Tallberg (pp. 63-82)
Keywords: Gender, Organizations, Social roles
ArticleType:Case study

The glass beads of global war: dealing, death and the policy analysis market
Geoff Lightfoot, Simon Lilley (pp. 83-100)
Keywords: Simulation, Terrorism, War
ArticleType:Research paper