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Thread: Iraq Trip Report

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    Default Iraq Trip Report

    Iraq Trip Report by Bing West on the SWJ Blog.

    Based upon a February 2007 trip revisiting locales in Anbar and Baghdad that I had tracked for years, permit me to offer the following observations.

    Overview. What is shaping up in Iraq? There are four ongoing wars. 1) Shiite mafias in the south, 2) Anbar Sunni extremists 3) Shiite ethnic cleansing around Baghdad 4) Sunni extremist car bombings in Baghdad...
    As always, we ask that you comment on the blog as well as on this thread...

    Also, a warm welcome to Bing to the SWJ / SWC community...

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    Default Where are the Shanghai Police?

    Mr. West, where do I sign up? I loved your report. You are doing many of the right things but they will take time. Couple of ideas.

    1-You must keep hammering on the ID issues. That is critical! It is not sexy or high tech but you must know who you are dealing with.

    2-I think trying to impose advanced US police models on Iraq at this time is part of the problem. I know and or have seen the back rounds of some of the police advisor's that have gone there and they are the best we have, but it is to early for that type of an advanced criminal justice system.

    3-You need good tough "Street Cops" that can pass along basic skills to both the military and police. Basic physical security is where you need to start. No bombing,no shooting,no head chopping,no robbing,no raping,no kidnapping.

    4- You need more plain clothes details and let them grow some hair. Get out of those green lizard suits.

    5-Metrics every cop or soldier should know every head of household on his street and where they live and how they earn or don't earn a living. If they have no income pay them unemployment on a weekly basis and have them report to some type of social service agency to collect it. Until you have some type of complete street census and a means for the head of household to provide for his family you can forget about more advanced metrics.

    6-The criminals that are being locked up for life are a rich opportunity and a future problem. These people could be one of the richest sources of an C/I confidential informant network that you have. They would have to be screened and tested heavily but it would be worth the effort.

    7-The loudspeaker idea is outstanding! This was used extensively during Operation Power Pack when the Marines and 82nd Airborne went to the Dominican Republic in the 60's. It may play well in Iraq for cultural reasons, it may be viewed like the Muslim sermons that are broadcast on PA systems.

    Finally, it is not strictly a COIN model but I have always thought the best model for Baghdad's is Shanghai. The problems that the Shanghai police faced are as formidable as Baghdad if not more so. The situation was as complex if not more so. There have been several books written about how this was accomplished and I highly recommend them. Are UK allies may be able to help with this extensively. I understand that most if not all the records where removed before Japan invaded. They contain one of the most extensive Genealogies ever produced by a police department about a population group.

    I am still finishing my coffe but that is all I can think of at this time. Keep sending those reports. Bubba says Hey .


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