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Thread: London's ordinary Muslims challenging extremist preachers

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    Default London's ordinary Muslims challenging extremist preachers

    All too often politicians and the media berate ordinary Muslims for not confronting extremists / jihadists, so how about this video clip - viewed by 12.9 million in two days on YouTube: (No FB account needed).

    This follows a C4 documentary, The Jihadis Next Door, being shown in the UK, which followed a vocal group of jihadist sympathisers known for sharing their radical Islamist views around the streets of north London. Alas the documentary cannot be viewed in the USA and the YouTube version has problems.
    Link: This also has the video clip.

    There is an existing 2015 thread Western Muslims; First Line of Defense or Part of the Problem? which covers this subject albeit briefly and this thread maybe merged there one day.
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