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Thread: Syria in 2016: an exchange on what to do

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    Quote Originally Posted by mwe12 View Post
    oooo, mainstream rebels like the IF/MB.

    As they are still in a state of rebellion and attacking government targets I am not seeing what the outrage is.

    Funny how that worked out.

    Israel and the "Kurds" the only two groups the public likes over there.

    Even the SOHR has stated Russia has killed hundreds upon hundreds of IS fighters; and it's an interesting case of academic dishonesty when he ignores the presence of AQ and other radical groups in those "non-IS fighters." He is full of crap.

    The cage guy who was opposed to democracy and hated religious minorities.

    A group which up to a few months ago included AQ as a direct member.

    A Qatari/Turkish ally who already gets support from groups there.

    In which case it would be a short term perverse consequence.

    Where they will be bombed in turn.

    In all seriousness the PKK has better PR agents in America.

    Which is a good thing.

    Brackish wine in a dirty glass, just dimmed the lights.

    A good move, why on earth we would give AQ and it's allies a NFZ?

    The storm is the barrages which are smashing its proxies and may well help the Kurds cut off the border.

    Now if that money could just be spent here and not given to TOW teams to help a bunch of Islamists try and seize power.

    Strategic dithering is not nefarious.

    The people who voted him into office, aren't demanding a war with Russia over this. The public wasn't on board for war when Assad allegedly gassed people and are not on board with one now.

    Another interventionist going into a rage over the fact this bad bill of goods has no buyers and trying to spin more BS in the hopes it finds a buyer.
    cut and paste, cut and past, cut and paste...but nothing else outside of ranting...normal for a troller.

    proof...this comment alone says it all...outside of cutting and pasting a author that gets published has nothing say.....WHAT have you published anywhere pray tell???

    Strategic dithering is not nefarious.

    when you critique say this author...then give us some solid comments that we can cut and paste you on.....other than "strategic dithering" YOU did notice I hope the long list of things he listed to lead him to his comment of "nefarious" or the your best one yet

    Brackish wine in a dirty glass, just dimmed the lights

    come om mwe12 or mirhond get better at your trolling.....OR simply write something of your own thoughts and allow us to cut and paste your comments....BUT WAIT that is impossible because all you do is cut and paste comments .....and that leaves little to then cut and paste on which is your trolling intent anyway.

    BUT WAIT... a simple challenge to you for us to judge your comments...
    and allow us to cut and paste.....

    Challenge: in a simple statement of at least say ten sentences... summarize exactly what the current Obama Syrian strategy is.

    THEN be so kind to summarize whether it has been successful or not?

    ten sentences should make it easy for you

    will be interesting to see if you respond to this challenge as you have in previous postings sidestepped answers...again a mark of proAssad and proRussian trolling....
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    mwe12...thought I had seen that sentence I thoroughly understand your proAssad many Americans would not have recognized the Arabic saying......although you did reverse the saying to a degree

    And just as it is with windows97 an American would not be so thoroughly in tune to Shi'ism as I am sure he is not a Shia iman unless he is studying religion in the Us which does not give one many employment chances these days in the US especially Shi'ism.

    continue to cut and paste as it will now be ignored as a waste of time for anyone to read as long as you are trolling..

    "Brackish wine in a dirty glass" should have been written ...because I know you are not a wine taster.......

    "Brackish water in a dirty glass" so next time get at least the Arabic words into the correct saying.........

    BTW...this should make your trolling heart beat faster with anticipation.......
    Assad Regime forcing children in the Schools of loyalists areas, to learn "Russian language".

    could pass you the sana link if you want to read more about the new Russian language program.......

    Iran has dispatched pro-regime pop singer Saeed Hadadian to Syria to lift troop morale
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