BBC Afghan Service reporter, Sayed Abdullah Nizami, from Kunar, has an excellent account on ISIS appearance and apparent demise. He starts with:
You have probably heard about the rise of so-called Islamic State in Afghanistan. The militant group claims to be building a new province of what it calls "the Caliphate" in the mountains in the east of the country. But it has made some serious tactical errors, says BBC Afghan Service reporter, Sayed Abdullah Nizami.I am from Kunar, one of the provinces where so-called Islamic State is strongest. I went to the local school and lots of my friends ended up as jihadi fighters, some have even joined IS.
I suppose lots of people reading this would be surprised and maybe even frightened by that. But joining a jihadi group isn't unusual around here, in fact it is a kind of career choice. There isn't much work so young men look for other things to do and the jihadi groups have money and guns.

This picture is not unusual, the caption is though:
This group was killing Taliban in 2013 - it turned out to be a Taliban hit squad targeting members who communicated with the Afghan government.