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Thread: The best film from the current conflicts

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    Default The best film from the current conflicts

    Thanks to Granite State for a reminder to check Tim Lynch's occasional blog (an ex-USMC officer who was "outside the wire" in Afghanistan for a long time), where I found a glowing review of a Danish film 'At War' (or Krigen, the original title), which he compares to 'Breaker Morant':

    Here is a very short explanation for the film:
    A War follows a Danish infantry company commander as he is prosecuted by his own government over collateral damage he may or many not have inflicted (this is never really established) and the toll it takes on him and his family. That the civilians sitting in judgment of him have no idea of the pressures or realities facing their fellow countrymen on the field of battle is an obvious plot line that is handled with tact.
    He concludes:
    If you’re a vet or a friend or family member of an OIF or OEF vet you need to watch A War. Claus Pederson will show you exactly what it was like to fight in Afghanistan. More importantly he will show you the only way forward when you return. If you’re not a vet we still recommend you watch this movie, it is the best film yet to come from the current conflicts in Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.
    On SWC / Forum there are a few posts on the Danish contingent in Helmand Province, they were an armoured infantry battalion, often relying on reservists and from an old post - when I learnt they'd left - a reminder of their sacrifices:
    The Danes have been fighting for twelve years, largely in Helmand - alongside and under UK command, until the 22nd July 2013. The dozen years in Afghanistan cost the lives of 43 Danish soldiers and resulted in total costs of approximately 15 billion kroner. An additional 211 soldiers were injured in Afghanistan..
    There is a previous, 2010 excellent Danish documentary on their contingent:

    An old RFI thread Request input for COIN related movie bits, which could become the home of this post / thread one day:
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