OK, so as I diligently slaved away trying to clean the lists of unverified members in order to streamline the functioning of this establishement and otherwise unselfishly further the national defense, I made one tiny check-box sized mistake. And launched a frivolous e-mail to all members. It now looks like my frantic plug pulling worked better than I thought, as only about 1/2 of you got the round trip of the mistake and the retraction. The other 1/2 only got my "I didn't mean to send that" note and were left wondering what the original faux pas was.

In response to my "oops" & mea culpa...

Sorry all. Mistakenly spammed everyone with a registration reminder that was intended to go only to those whose registration has been hanging fire. A little power is a dangerous thing.

You can safely delete that.

I shouldn't have had that 3 martini lunch. Willl do some push ups in a moment.
....here are some of the counter-snipes. Tough crowd. Clearly our membership is full of some experienced alcoholics and screw-ups.
  • Next time, go for the straight bourbon.
  • Just do push ups till we get tired!!!!
  • Next time, make it a four martini lunch. That way, if you screw up
    again you won't even care.
  • Just say Semper Fi -- 500 times and we will forgive you.
  • Nice verification message! And I could use a three martini lunch right about now....
  • [Noting] your large frame...making push-ups a bit more challenging. To accomodate for this imbalance, add 50 to the current punative lot and call it even.
  • Try not to add to the martini total on the down stroke
  • Get on down!