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Thread: The new 'Hunt for Red October' by an ex-Deputy SACEUR

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    Default The new 'Hunt for Red October' by an ex-Deputy SACEUR

    British retired General Sir Richard Shirreff, an ex-Deputy SACEUR, has taken up the pen and has caused a stir with his book, '2017:War With Russia'.

    Mixed UK reviews:

    It appears has used some of the UK reviews:

    The book sets up a doomsday scenario in which, to avoid encirclement by NATO, Russia seizes territory in Eastern Ukraine so as to open up a land corridor to Crimea. It then invades the Baltic states, triggering a war with the West in 2017. Almost sounds familiar.

    I doubt this passage in the preface has endeared him to UK officialdom:
    A country famous for once ‘walking softly and carrying a big stick’… now had a leadership that shouted loudly but, thanks to ongoing defence cuts, carried an increasingly tiny and impotent stick.

    An academic reviewer writes:
    It is fiction of the Tom Clancy variety: a thriller with a warning, informed by intimate inside knowledge.

    Another academic writes:
    The Atlantic security community is in danger of sleepwalking into war. The very talk of such a conflict “normalises” the possibility.

    A less hostile, but critical reviewer:
    Shirreff’s book, however, is a far more overtly political piece, and is deeply critical of the West’s reduced defence spending and its unwillingness – and inability – to stand up to the Russian threat. At first sight, this appears a persuasive case, but on reflection is perhaps slightly less so.

    Personally I will not be purchasing the book.
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