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Thread: Somali National Army

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    Default Somali National Army

    I've been working on some research on the Somali National Army. Anyone interested in engaging regarding the army/my research, which involved fieldwork in Mogadishu and Hiraan, is invited to contact me.

    A historical Somali Army article is currently going through the proofreading process for the journal 'Defence and Security Analysis'.

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    Default Somali National Army

    Created for high visibility purposes, as Colin Robinson has a RFI on this Army that to me at least appears rarely. His RFI post will move here in a moment.

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    Default Thanks David!!

    Thankyou David. This isn't really an RFI as such; I believe I've got enough data going forward. This is for those who may be interested to contact me, if they wish to access the data I now have.

    That said, of course, any previous mentors/advisors, etc who have worked with the SNA in the past ten years, please do consider dropping me a line - would be fascinated to get your thoughts...

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    Default Historical Somali army article

    Take a look should you wish at (behind a paywall though - added by Mod)

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