A curious claim has surfaced in a new book by an ex-SAS operator, the headline and sub-title:
SAS spy's memoir claims he 'probably saved Gorbachev's life....also claims a 'third generation' Baadar-Meinhof gang came close to halting the fall of the Berlin Wall
he reports that the fledgling uprising that would later topple the Berlin Wall and herald glasnost across eastern Europe had been infiltrated by members of the Red Army Faction. Sometimes described as the Baader–Meinhof gang, the collective was, he reports, plotting to assassinate Russian president Gorbachev during his visit to East Germany on 7 October 1989. The murder, Shore believes, would have been “the trigger for the Soviets to retake … East Germany”

That he was alone on this mission and met two of the B-M gang preventing their plot (not by killing them) makes me skeptical.