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Thread: Che Guevara era closes: who is left fighting?

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    Default Che Guevara era closes: who is left fighting?

    A long article inspired by FARC's fight ending after fifty-two years, the full title is 'Che Guevara era closes as Latin America's oldest guerrilla army calls it a day; The Farc’s peace deal in Colombia marks the effective end of a wave of rebel movements inspired by the Cuban revolution, with just a few small groups left':

    The longest-enduring groups, however, are in Peru, Paraguay and Colombia – all countries that are not coincidentally centres of drug production and smuggling, which is a source of funds and guns.
    Peru long disappeared off my radar and here that thread has been dormant since 2012, so this is interesting:
    Shining Path, Peru Estimated size: 300 combatants
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